Honesty time. If you’re wanting someone with a big camera and a bunch of flashy equipment to take some overly posed, “big smile” shots, we might not be the best fit, and that’s ok, because you should have a photographer that fits you. But if you’re up for running through the rain, hopping on some carnival rides, or jumping in a lake, we will get along just fine!

I want to document your full and genuine love story. Not just the scheduled moments, but the happily unplanned ones. The ones that are unique to you and you alone. They may be loud. They may be tearful. Or they may be so quiet that they almost go unseen. But these are the memories that will continue to make your heart skip a beat for years to come. So if you’re up for letting me into your world, say ‘Hi!’, and we can tell the best damn love story the world’s ever seen.

Weddings start at $4000
International Weddings start at $8500
Elopements start at $2000
Portrait sessions start at $750