Hopefully some of these FAQ will be helpful in either saving you some time, or opening up some new possibilities. My goal is to make things personal for you and your love story, so if you need some more information, or want to chat about how we can personalize your experience don’t be hesitant to say ‘Hi!’.



Where are you based? Do you travel? I am currently based out of Alberta, Canada. And I definitely travel!! Get in touch and let’s make a plan!

What are your rates? Weddings start at $4000. Elopements start at $3000. Connection/Adventure/Home sessions start at $750.

Are your rates flexible? My goal is to tell your love story. Some stories can be told in 5 hours, others in 12, so I’m happy to talk about how we can best make that happen. Get in touch and let’s make it happen!

Do you offer engagement photos with your wedding collections? Yes, engagement sessions are included in my package. An engagement session is a great way to get to know each other before the wedding day, and of course always makes for some unique images of your relationship outside of the wedding day.

Do you offer add-ons to your packages? You bet! Every story is unique, so they all require different ways of capturing it. My base package includes an engagement session, but you can exchange it for a day after session, or even a steamy boudoir session. You can also add on a second shooter for $400.

What is a second shooter? A second shooter is another photographer who will be there all day with me. They are there to capture different angles and moments to give you the best variety of images possible. Don’t worry, I will make sure that they have a similar style of shooting so your images will flow together seamlessly.

Do you shoot elopements? Absolutely! However you are celebrating your love story, I want to be there!

How would you describe your shooting style? I want to document your full and honest story. Not just the scheduled moments, but the happily unplanned ones. The ones that are unique to you and you alone. They may be loud. They may be tearful. Or they may be so quiet that they almost go unseen. But these are the memories that will continue to make your heart skip a beat for years to come.

In order to do this I shoot in a documentary style for most of the day, capturing moments as they unfold naturally. When it’s time for couple’s portraits I will give you cues and directions based on what’s genuine for you, then capture what happens naturally as you respond to me and to each other. I shoot with natural light so a big blinding flash doesn’t disturb your intimate moments, and I’m not afraid to get messy to get those perfects shots.

Do you take family portraits on the wedding day? Family portraits, although not the most romantic time of the day, are very important to many family members, so I do include them at every wedding. I encourage keeping the list short, containing only the closest family members. This way it only takes about 5-10 minutes, allowing us to focus on the main event… You!

What about detail shots? I will take some detail shots, as you put a lot of time into planning and creating the atmosphere that would best represent you. You, however, are my main focus,

so I like to minimize my time spent elsewhere.

Do you use backups? Yes!! I always have at least two cameras with me, multiple lenses, and batteries with chargers out the wazoo. Your images are captured on two cards (one main and one backup) throughout the day, and are backed up on external hard drives right after the shoot.

How many images will we receive? For portraits, around 60-75 depending on the length of the session. For weddings, anywhere from 600-800 is an average for a typical wedding day with 8-10 hours of coverage. Elopements average around 200 images.

When will we receive our images? For a wedding it’s no later than 8 weeks after the big day. And for Connection/Adventure/Home sessions it’s no later then 3 weeks after our shoot.

How do we reserve you for our wedding or portrait session? To reserve a portrait or wedding date, 50% of the package is due at the time of booking.


We like what we see…. Now what? Say ‘Hi!’ and let’s make this shit happen!