So, you’ve decided to get your photos taken. WAHOO!! You may be experiencing some nervous butterflies because, let’s be honest, not many people actually feel at home in front of a camera, I know I don’t. But these images are all about you and your love story, so let’s make sure they are a true representation and not some incredibly awkward, posed version of it. I will guide you along the way, but here are some things you can do to make the most out of your photo session!




Have you ever seen a photo that you just can’t forget? Chances are it’s because it made you feel something. It may or may not have been perfectly framed, but it did have honest emotion that stuck with you. That is my goal for your session, because these are the images that will continue to make your heart skip a beat for years to come. Sincerity, vulnerability, and honesty are encouraged. Don’t try to act the way you think you should. Be yourselves and let me capture your true dynamic. I’ll be there to guide you along the way, but you know each other best, so let’s work together to tell the best damn love story the world’s ever seen!




As I mentioned before, I don’t want you acting the way you think you should. We are not at Sunday brunch with the grandparents. There are no rules. Dance, tell dirty jokes, burst out laughing. Whatever you gotta do, it’s all in play. Your truest emotion will show itself in the “outtakes”, so let it out!




Remember, we are capturing you and your genuine self. Don’t stress about what to wear, just be comfortable! If you dress like yourself, you’ll feel like yourself. Whether your everyday is cut off shorts and a cozy sweater, or a flirty skirt and leather jacket, just go with it! If you feel stiff and uncomfortable, or if you have to readjust every few minutes we won’t be able to get into a groove and it’ll show in your images. So keep it natural. Keep it you. And let’s have some fun!




I encourage you to spend the entire day doing you, whatever that is. Sleep in. Go for a bike ride. Eat all the ice-cream. After this you’ll be your happiest, most genuine self. And this way, when we start our shoot, you’ll have all those happy, lovey-dovey feels, and it will actually be a really fun experience, not just another thing checked off the To-Do list.




Yes, we are here to take pictures. No, that’s not the main focus. Honestly. We are here to celebrate you and your love story, whatever stage it’s at. Engagement, anniversary, or just because, so let that be the focus. Come into this excited to spend time together. Excited to turn off your cell phones and communicate to each other with all your senses. Let go of those grad photo memories, where you sat under bright lights and had to change the angle of your head a million times until it was just right. This will be nothing like that, I promise. It will be candid. It will be authentic. And most importantly, it will be fun.




If there’s something you like doing together, let’s incorporate it into our session! It can be anything from making breakfast or reading on the couch, to going for a bike ride or making s’mores by a fire. By doing an activity you already love doing together, you’ll feel way more comfortable in front of the camera. It will give you something else to focus on, and it’ll make the images much more personal to you!




As you’ve gathered, I’m all about making things personal to you, and music is a huge part of that. Whatever mood you’re in, silly, intimate, lovey-dovey, the music will help enhance the atmosphere. I always have a little Bluetooth speaker with me, so send me some of your favourite songs or bring your own playlist, and let’s set the tone for your love story.




Where’s your favourite place in the world? A sandy beach? A dense forest? Your home? Wherever it is, let’s shoot there. Just like music, the environment you choose will set the tone for your love story. It can also affect your mood, so let’s go someplace where you feel like your best and happiest self.




Have you ever tried to plan out every detail of something, then slowly gotten more and more frustrated when it didn’t go exactly as planned? I have, and it’s not fun, so I’m asking you to leave all your plans at home. Show up knowing you get to hang out with your love, and be excited for that. We will take everything else as it comes. The rain, the dirt, the hair that keeps blowing in the wind. The unexplored paths, the wave that came way closer than you thought it would. These spontaneous and imperfect elements are what are going to make your images stand apart. If you wanted images like everyone else’s you would have gone to a studio with a plain grey backdrop.




I’m serious! Let’s leave the overpacking for vacation and come with just the bare minimum. It’s hard to embrace the spontaneous if we have to stop and pick up a bunch of bags and extra things all the time. So keep it minimal and allow me to capture those little in-between moments that add more detail to your love story. 



I hope that helps! If you have any other questions feel free to say ‘Hi!’